July 24, 2008

Ocean Conservancy Receives Food & Wine Magazine’s Eco-Ocean Award for Approach to Rebuilding Fisheries

Ocean Conservancy has been chosen as one of Food & Wine magazine's Eco-Ocean award winners for working to restore Gulf of Mexico red snapper. By urging science-based catch limits by regulators and encouraging major seafood suppliers and retailers to engage in fisheries management and offer sustainable options we will be able to end overfishing and rebuild sustainable fisheries. As a result of these efforts, Gulf red snapper now has a management plan based on science and the population has a good chance of rebounding to historic levels. A rebuilt red snapper population increases fishing opportunities, rebuilds coastal economies and ensures a sustainable option for retailers and consumers.

"Improving the sustainability of seafood begins long before seafood reaches consumers or where the fish are caught -- it begins with responsible management," said Mark Powell, Vice President of Sustainable Partnerships at Ocean Conservancy. "When conservationists and seafood businesses work together to end overfishing we're beginning to build a better future where every fish is a sustainable fish."

Fisheries have been depleted due to decades of overfishing, and setting science-based catch limits is an important way of reversing this trend in U.S. waters. Ocean Conservancy is working with partners like The Plitt Company to bring industry voices to the fisheries management conversation.

"The seafood industry has an important role to play in the sustainability of our fisheries. We're a critical link in a long supply chain that begins on the water and ends on the dinner table," said Mary Smith of the Plitt Company a national seafood wholesaler. "Restaurants and retailers are asking for sustainable options for their customers, and we are able to provide them, with Ocean Conservancy's help."

View the August issue of Food & Wine piece here: http://www.foodandwine.com/articles/eco-ocean-awards.

To learn more about The Plitt Company visit: www.plittcompany.com.

To learn more about Ocean Conservancy's sustainable seafood work visit: www.oceanconservancy.org/seafood.