July 27, 2008

Erosion Was the Natural Result

As a regular visitor to Torquay, I return every year attracted by its natural beauty and surroundings.

I read with some alarm in the Herald Express of the plans ahead for Rock Walk (HE, July 22).

As a retired parks superintendent with 40 years experience, I find it quite worrying to read the suggestion from a company to remove all vegetation and undergrowth from the face of Rock Walk.

I believe that much of the rock is limestone which absorbs water (rain) quite readily and without plant material to absorb the water content will make the situation far worse.

Initially I was amazed that all the plant material was removed in the first instance, leaving a bare rock face to the mercy of the elements.

It would have been far more sensible to remove trees which were suspect (ie: dying back for example) individually, leaving the remaining trees and shrubs to do their job in binding together the soil and rocks.

I do not have to remind readers of the devastating effect the removal of trees and vegetation has on the environment throughout the world - erosion.


Davenport Road


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