July 28, 2008

Afghan Government Urged to Help Drought Hit People in North

Text of article in English, "Government. urged to help drought hit people in Takhar", published by state-owned Afghan newspaper The Kabul Times on 26 July

A number of religious scholars, elders and influential figures of Takhar province called on President Hamed Karzai and detailed him about their local problems caused by drought.

Speaking to the meeting at the presidential Palace, Senator Mohammad Kabir and Maulawi Gholam Rabbani and Haji Tora talked about government measures in various fields, asking it to resolve their environmental problems connecting with education, electricity, water and agriculture.

They also asked for construction of a hostel in Takhar University and empowerment of protection walls along the bank of Oxus River. The President expressed pleasure over this meeting and said in order to solve problems in drought-hit areas, the government has taken up some steps. It is ready to set up food reservoirs for this purpose.

Construction of dams and launching vital projects are included in the Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS). The Kokcha River is being surveyed by Ministry of Water and Power.

Talking about he Oxus River, the President said, "It is a national state project and we are working to implement this vital project."

He also directed organs concerned to resolve local problems of Takhar inhabitants.

Originally published by The Kabul Times, Kabul, in English 26 Jul 08.

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