July 28, 2008

Mexico, Peru Receive Grant for Septic Replacements

By Eileen M. Adams

Several streams, ponds, wetlands and other bodies of water will become cleaner in Mexico and Peru thanks to a $30,000 grant made to the two towns by the Small Community Grant Program of the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

Rep. Sheryl Briggs, D-Mexico, announced Friday that Peru received $22,000 and Mexico received $6,000 for use in replacing malfunctioning septic systems on private properties.

Karen Hefler, project engineer for the state agency, said the funds come from a $1 million bond issue approved by voters in June. She said about 100 malfunctioning septic systems in more than 60 towns throughout the state will be improved or replaced with the bond money.

Other nearby towns receiving grant funds include Jay, Farmington, Turner, Harrison and Norway.

She said individual homeowners with poor septic systems will be granted funds from the grant based on income on a sliding scale.

She said funding for separate towns is prioritized to protect drinking water and other bodies of water where pollution may result in a public health hazard.

Municipalities applied earlier this year for grant money, pending approval of the June bond package.

"Our municipalities have been working so hard and doing a great job to continue to improve our environment," said Briggs in a press release. "This is another step in moving forward to achieve those goals."

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