July 29, 2008

Government Should Have an Economic Theory – Paper

Text of editorial by Mirza Baba Motaharinejad headlined: We believe theory is the most necessary requirement published by Iranian newspaper Mardom Salari on 26 July

Among the important events of last week was the joint meeting of president with a number of economic and industrial activists.

The subject of the meeting, as was announced, was the exchange of views on president's economic scheme. What was published on the meeting included considerable points on fear, hope, needs, preoccupations, supports , musts and must nots that can usually have some relevance to daily unscientific issues. However, contrary to the habit of previous years, fortunately the meeting left no tension in the business market and this shows that sitting and exchanging views with regard to people's lives and the society's affairs is positive in itself and one should encourage and support it.

However, what is important and can have long-term effects and change the abnormalities to normalities is kind of theoretical attitude. One of the important exigencies in administration of the society that leads to enactment of convergent laws, instructions, regulations and approvals is administration of the country based on a theory.

Certainly, one of the best ways to prevent deviation and fighting the aggression and revealing the destructive hidden work is resorting to theory. Even more, an introduction to party and group organizations also requires attention to theory.

Today, the societies and different governments, have theories in social, economic, cultural and political spheres that they adopt policies and methods accordingly and they put technology, science and knowledge in the service of their theory. Eventually they create organizations, groups and social institutes in accordance with and appropriate for their theory. Naturally, individuals and groups that accept a theory can be different in their methods but the substance of their move is formed in the evolution of their common theory. Under such conditions, every more, writing, film, speech and opinion would be weighed by the theories' scale, its tendency would be found, and people know where they are standing. A transcendental society, does not base itself on methods, musts and must nots, but by emphasizing on theories, it would form its move. The most important social, cultural and political problem of today with regard to the ninth government is the absence of these theories. The cultural products, educational products, artistic products are dealing with severe qualitative and quantitative challenges due to the absence of theories. Planning for life, if not impossible but it is difficult. A friend who intended several years ago to retire from civil service was telling me: I hesitate about retirement. Should I stay until the fate of service bill is known?

The other friend who intended to start an important economic activity in one of provinces was saying: I am waiting for new economic scheme of the government and I am worried to lose my capital.

Another friend was saying: I don't trust the facilities promised, and the others were worried about buying a house, membership in Mehr Corporation etc...

If the government's move were defined according to concrete theories, these worries would have no meaning. Even the defenders of government also approve of behaviours. They appreciate a particular move but they cannot guarantee a certain achievement. Why?

Let us pay attention to the guidelines by the officials. We would realize that they are both concerned about extremities. The government, should pay attention to these signs and get to one or two defined theories that would be the basis for its meetings and exchange of views and the basis for opinions, decisions and laws and thus, new real borders would be depicted for the society in accordance with authenticity of power or service. What is your opinion?

Originally published by Mardom-Salari website, Tehran, in Persian 26 Jul 08.

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