July 29, 2008

Biomax Informatics Collaborates With The Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory (MDI) To Integrate MDI’s Curated Comparative Toxicogenomics Database(TM) With the BioXM(TM) Knowledge Management Environment

Biomax Informatics and the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory (MDI) today announced that Biomax will integrate MDI's Comparative Toxicogenomics Database(TM) (CTD(TM)) into the BioXM(TM) Knowledge Management Environment. CTD is a valuable, manually curated resource, which advances understanding the effects of environmental chemicals on human health. Biomax will offer CTD as a free content resource to all users of Biomax's enterprise platform for semantic data integration, the BioXM system.

CTD includes cross-species chemical-gene/protein interactions and chemical- and gene-disease relationships to elucidate molecular mechanisms underlying variable susceptibility and environmentally influenced diseases. These relationships complement the semantic network created by the Biomax(TM) Oncology Base, a unique resource of manually validated factors associated with cancer. CTD and the Oncology Base are accessible through the BioXM system for advanced data mining, graphical representation and collaborative research projects.

About Biomax Informatics

Biomax Informatics AG (Martinsried, Germany), founded in 1997, is a leader in the development of customized bioinformatics solutions. Biomax developed the well-known Pedant-Pro(TM) Sequence Analysis Suite, the BioRS(TM) Integration and Retrieval System, the BioXM(TM) Knowledge Management Environment and other computational solutions for better decision making and knowledge management in the life science industry. In 2007 Biomax acquired the Viscovery(R) data mining business from eudaptics gmbh to complement the BioXM system with tools to identify and validate diagnostic biomarkers. Additional information about Biomax can be found at www.biomax.com.

About Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory

The Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory, founded in 1898, is one of the leading marine research institutions in the world. The non-profit, independent research institution has a three-fold mission to promote research and education in the biology of marine organisms; to foster understanding and preservation of the environment; and to advance human health.

About the BioXM Knowledge Management Environment

The BioXM(TM) Knowledge Management Environment is a project-centered, distributed software platform that provides a central inventory of information and knowledge. Users create, manage and visualize scientific models as an extendible network of interrelated concepts. The BioXM platform facilitates communication and collaboration across research & development departments and integrates seamlessly into existing IT environments.