July 29, 2008

Givex Launches Reforestation Program to Offset Emissions From Gift Card Production

TORONTO, July 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Givex, a global provider of closed loop card technologies including gift, loyalty and other stored value programs, announces today the launch of its reforestation program.

"This upcoming holiday season, many businesses will be selling gift cards," says Amanda French, VP Sales, Givex. "Givex will plant trees with every card order to counter the carbon dioxide emissions created by the production of plastic cards. We are glad to offer our clients peace of mind by reducing their carbon footprint for the many orders they will make in the coming months. We are pleased to partner with Tree Canada in this endeavor."

"We are proud of companies like Givex that have stepped forward to support the planting of trees", says Michael Rosen, Tree Canada President. "The planting of trees by the Sagamok Anishnawbek First Nation near Espanola, Ontario will help restore the environmental and spiritual benefits of these forests."

To help its clients with sustainability, Givex offers its customers many environmentally-conscious solutions such as recycled PVC cards, PLA cards, paper stock cards, soy-based inks and recycled material for gift card carriers.

About Givex

Givex uses pioneering, award-winning card management technology to help our partners in over 35 countries deliver customer acquisition and retention programs that improve profit performance. Our experience, reliability and commitment to excellence have established Givex as a global leader in closed loop transaction processing since 1999. For more information, visit http://www.givex.com/.

About Tree Canada

Tree Canada is a not-for-profit charitable organization established in 1992 to encourage Canadians to plant and care for trees in urban and rural environments. A winner of the Canadian Environmental Award (2007), Tree Canada engages Canadian companies, government agencies and individuals to support the planting of trees, the greening of schoolyards, and other efforts to sensitize Canadians to the benefits of planting and maintaining trees. To date, more than 75 million trees have been planted, more than 450 schoolyards have been greened, and Tree Canada has organized 7 national urban forestry conferences. More information about Tree Canada is available at http://www.treecanada.ca/


CONTACT: Bryan Wang, Marketing Coordinator, Givex, Tel. 1-877-478-7733ext. 309, [email protected]; Jim McCready, R.P.F, Program Forester, Tree Canada,Tel. (613) 567-5545 ext. 223, [email protected]