July 29, 2008

Roar of Surprise Over Cute Births

By Paul Bradley

IT'S the lion-up that everyone's been talking about - the unveiling of cute cubs Neptune, Ariel, Oberon and Ophelia.

According to ancient folklore the birth of the white lion babes is a magical moment that happens just once every 100 years.

But staff at the West Midlands Safari Park, near Bewdley, were left amazed when two lion mothers gave birth within a month of each other.

The four new arrivals, which are made up of three males and one female, will now join Star and Haze who were born on April 6.

And together the mischievous cubs will be playing on the open plains of the park where they will get their first taste of the limelight as hundreds of families get a close up view of the pride.

Mothers Natasha and Maryn will be banking on the help of the friendly park staff to keep their young ones under control.

The addition of the little lions now make their family the biggest pride of pure bred White Lions in captivity in the world.

They are among 600 exotic creatures at the 100-acre safari park.


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