July 30, 2008

His Excellency Rashid Ahmad Bin Fahad, Minister of Environment and Water, Officially Opens Two-Week Art Highlight

His Excellency Rashid Ahmad bin Fahad, Minister of Environment and Water, officially opens two-week art highlight

DSS 2008 Recycled Art Exhibition officially inaugurated at BurJuman

The Recycled Art Exhibition, a DSS 2008 Mega Event and one among the art highlights of the summer, was officially inaugurated by His Excellency Rashid Ahmad bin Fahad, Minister of Environment and Water on Tuesday, July 29, 2008. Hans-Burkhard Saueressig, Vice Consul in Dubai of the Federal Republic of Germany; Laila Suhail, Chief Executive Officer of the Dubai Shopping Festival Office; Ibrahim Saleh, General Coordinator of the DSF Office, and a host of other dignitaries attended the event.

HE Rashid Ahmad bin Fahad stressed that the Ministry of Environment will stand behind all initiatives that aim at raising awareness of environment conservation issues, stating that one of the biggest problems facing world communities in general and the GCC communities in particular is the per capita waste being generated.

HE hailed the efforts undertaken by the DSF Office to organize this event. He said, "We believe that it is extremely important to implant values of conserving environment in the young generation. Hence, the Ministry will enhance its cooperation with the DSF Office to organize more of such events."

Laila Suhail thanked HE for lending his support to the Recycled Art Exhibition and stressed that this event comes in line with the relentless strategy of the DSF Office to tackle issues relating to the community whether they be cultural, social, or environmental. This initiative is parallel with the Government of Dubai's direction to preserve a health environment for the future generations and achieve the goal of sustainable development."

Ibrahim Saleh said, "This initiative comes at a very crucial time as the world is witnessing a great deterioration on the environmental front due to a lack of awareness and understanding. The DSF Office was very keen in organising this event as we believe that art is the best medium to communicate to audiences on environment."

Running till August 11 at BurJuman, a key sponsor of DSS this year, the event, known as 'Re-Art', has been awarded by UNESCO for being the first international art exhibition included as an official project in the UN 'Decade of Education for Sustainable Development'. The international exhibition displays works of around 50 artists, designers, and craftsmen from 15 nations, made from different waste materials like aluminum cans, scrap metal, plastic, or paper waste.

The exhibition aims to promote the thought of sustainability in industrial societies, inspire industry and consumers to focus on good design and products made by recycling materials or with low waste output and low energy input.

Visitors to BurJuman have the opportunity to see more than 60 pieces of fine arts. The exhibition reflects the social, cultural, political, environmental, and economic dimensions of recycling as a worldwide dilemma, and uses the works to provoke thought on these critical issues. 2008 Al Bawaba (www.albawaba.com)

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