August 1, 2008

Building Projects in Process

By David Lester

What: A proposal to develop 9.6 acres into 31 single-family residential lots in a development called Applebrook.

Who: Yakima Development Inc., 322 N. 29th Ave.

Where: South 76th Avenue and Coolidge Road.

Status: The city of Yakima Department of Community and Economic Development has concluded the project will not have an adverse impact on the environment as long as a series of mitigation measures are implemented.

An appeal of the decision must be filed with Bill Cook, director of the Community and Economic Development Department and the SEPA responsible official, at 129 N. Second St. no later than 5 p.m. on Aug. 6.

The file numbers for this proposal are EC #6-08 and LP #2-08.

A public hearing on the proposal is scheduled before the city hearing examiner at 9 a.m. on Aug. 14 at Yakima City Hall.

More Information: This proposal for single-family homes is a modification from an application by a previous owner to develop Applebrook as homes that would feature common walls. The current proposal eliminates the common-wall feature.

The application is available at Yakima City Hall in the planning department on the second floor. The environmental decision can be viewed online at: SEPADeterminations.asp

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