August 4, 2008

Residents Mop Up After Weekend Storm

The head of Montreal's water management service says residents shouldn't expected financial compensation for sewer backups caused by weekend storms.

Sewers backed up in St. Leonard and Anjou homes after a powerful rainstorm dumped more than 1 inch of rain on Montreal Island in a 15-minute period, The Gazette newspaper in Montreal reported Monday.

This was an act of God, said Rejean Levesque, water management director. That intensity of rain happens once every 100 years.

Some 100 households and businesses suffered flood damage, city spokesman Bernard Larin said.

Residents of one 70-unit apartment building in Anjou were told they wouldn't be allowed to return to their apartments before Tuesday because electrical panels in the building's garage had been submerged in water.

Cars were floating almost to the ceiling, Andree Heneault, an Anjou councillor, told The Gazette. People can make claims (to the city) if they want to but for now I think it's about people who have insurance.