August 5, 2008

The Nunavut Are Coming! CleanFish and the Inuit of Nunavut Canada Offer Fresh, Wild Nunavut Arctic Char Across the United States for the First Time

CleanFish, winner of Food & Wine's Eco-Ocean award, and its newest CleanFish Alliance member, the Inuit community of the Nunavut region of Canada, are offering fresh, wild arctic char across the United States for the first time. Together, they will make this sustainably harvested, healthy and delicious fish available to retailers and restaurants around the country.

"One of the Inuit's core beliefs is the sustainable use of natural resources. This belief has been around longer than the common usage of the term 'sustainable harvest,'" said Brian Zawadski, spokesperson for the Nunavut Development Corporation. "The Inuit have been living and fishing in this Arctic region for at least two thousand years and catch the arctic char in Ikaluktutiak which means a place with many fish."

"This is one of the finest examples of artisan stewardship in wild fisheries on the planet," said Dale Sims, Founder and Vice President of CleanFish. "We have an exciting opportunity to taste this exceptional fish and support the native community that catches it."

Wild Nunavut arctic char, a close relative of salmon, are caught using artisanal methods in a region largely unoccupied by people: Nunavut is one-third the size of the United States with only 30,000 inhabitants. The intensely cold, pristine Arctic waters where the fish are caught increase the fat and oil content giving this fish a firm texture and complex flavor. High in healthy Omega-3 oils, wild Nunavut arctic char is a healthy, sustainable, and great-tasting seafood choice.

About CleanFish

CleanFish sources and promotes top quality seafood that is safe and sustainable. As a national seafood company CleanFish functions as a market champion for community-scale fishermen and artisanal fish farmers, bringing wild-caught and sustainably farmed fish to restaurants, retailers and seafood distributors who form the CleanFish Alliance for Sustainable Seafood.