August 6, 2008

Motivational Waterboarding Lawsuit Tossed

A Utah salesman vows to continue pursuing a lawsuit alleging his former employer "waterboarded" during a company training session.

Chad Hudgens' attorney told the Salt Lake Tribune Wednesday he would appeal last month's dismissal of the lawsuit by a 4th District judge who claimed there was no evidence that Hudgens' two supervisors deliberately tried to injure him in the May incident.

The Salt Lake Tribune said the suit stems from a 2007 training session along the Provo River where Hudgens was told lie down on the bank with his head facing downhill. The two supervisors then poured a gallon bucket of water on his face while exhorting his co-workers to work as hard making sales as Hudgens was trying to breath.

The Tribune said Hudgens' claims he was later wrongfully fired.