August 7, 2008

Cutting Edge / Cool Stuff

Going green gets easier One of the best ways to minimize the ecological impact of your kitchen is to compost waste such as produce, coffee grounds and egg shells. But who wants to walk outside to a compost pile every time they peel an apple or fry an egg? And maybe storing waste in a bucket isn't all that appealing, either.

Here's help: BioBag Food Waste bags. These ultra-thin, 3-gallon bags are made from corn and will decompose in as little as 10 days. Keep one under the sink, fill it up as you cook over a few days, then toss the whole thing on the compost pile. The company makes other kinds of bags, too.

Packs of 25 BioBag Food Waste bags cost about $5. For online retailers, check

A dull knife is a dangerous knife

Kyocera's new steel knife sharpener has a ceramic sharpening wheel. That means it will give you a razorlike edge on all steel knives.

Its ergonomic handle gives you a secure and safe grip. Just put the steel knife in the slot of the sharpening wheel and lightly move back and forth several times to the desired sharpness. Works on steel knives, but not on ceramic or serrated blades.

$17.95 at stores or online from .

Glass act

With Cool Shooters, a silicone mold made by Fred & Friends, you can freeze whatever liquid you want in a shot-glass mold. Use juice or water. Freeze, then pour in liquor or whatever. Eat them when you're done or let them melt in the kitchen sink.

$6.99. Find store locations or buy directly online from, where you'll find an amazing collection of really cool stuff. Find Cool Shooters under Products - Party.

And it's pretty, too

The oversized Outdoor Copper Fire Pit is so handsome, you'll never want to hide it away. It's larger than many other fire pits, so you'll be able to fit all the s'mores makers around it.

Tested to withstand 1,700 degrees; scrolled, cast-aluminum base in dark bronze hue. $399 from Grandin Road at

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