August 7, 2008

National’s Intentions

WITH National seemingly out-labouring Labour almost daily, one really has to ask how National would pay back their wealthy backers if it won the next election?

Well, behind this red smoke screen they plan an assault on the Resource Management Act, which is the only tool with which local communities can fight against having their resources stolen or their heritage destroyed.

Taking "these brakes off'' would make it easier to strip-mine the sea floor in front of your local beach, dig up your backyard for the next round of Think Big projects, plant high tension towers on your land, exchange your sea view for an LNG terminal; in short, speed up the destruction of what is left of our beautiful natural heritage.

But the really big prize is water. National has already signalled its interest in "tradable water rights'', which is Treasury-speak for privatising the ownership of this precious natural resource.

Tradable water rights, like privately owned fishing quotas, will be traded upwards and before long will end up in the hands of a few, quite possibly foreign owners.

Taking the knife to the Resource Management Act will just make it that much easier to bugger up this country for the benefit of a few.

That is how the Hollow Men behind National will get their money back, using a slippery matador like John Key to distract us with his cape that is red on the visible side but remains deep blue on the other. HERB SPANNAGL

New Plymouth

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