August 7, 2008

Clarification on “Upwelling”

According to Oman News: The Ministry of Fisheries said that the offensive smell at the Sultanate coasts from al Batinah region to Muscat governorate is mainly due to a natural phenomenon called 'upwelling'. The offensive smell will dissolve soon, the Ministry added.Eng. Abdul Aziz bin Said al Marzouqi, Acting Director of the Marine and Fisheries Sciences Center said, 'as per the latest satellite images, as well as, the pictures obtained by the remote station of the Fisheries and Marine Science Center 'the motion of cold water from the sea bed of the Gulf of Oman, known as "upwelling", has resulted in the motion of cold water from the depth with nutrients that have less O2. This provides favorable environment for the plant and animal reticules in water to nourish. These reticules start dissolving very quickly resulting in such offensive smell. 'Throughout the last two weeks, researchers at the center have been monitoring the upwelling at the Gulf of Oman. Cold currents from the Arabian Sea rich in nutrients always come to the Gulf of Oman region at this time of the year. Eng. Ahmed bin Khalid al Aysari, Environment specialist at the marine sciences centre said, 'upwelling is a natural phenomenon that affect all parts of the world. The first upwelling phenomenon was recorded in Florida, U.S.A in 1947.

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