August 9, 2008

North Korea’s Kim Jong-Il Visits Riwon County; No Date Given

Text of report in English by state-run North Korean news agency KCNA

[Kim Jong Il's last reported public appearance was his visit to Hamju pig and goat farms as cited in the first and second referent items; KCNA headline: "DPRK's KCNA: Kim Jong Il [Kim Cho'ng-il] Gives Field Guidance to Nursery Shop"; Korea Programme KCI]

Pyongyang, August 8 (KCNA) - Kim Jong Il [Kim Cho'ng-il], general secretary of the Korean Workers' Party and chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission, gave field guidance to the Nursery Shop of the Riwon County Forest Management Station in South Hamgyong Province.

After being briefed on the station, he went round the science and technology dissemination room and plots under saplings of various species to learn in detail about the production of saplings. He expressed great satisfaction over the fact that the station has created an excellent nursery reminiscent of a big botanical garden and put the production of saplings on a scientific basis.

He climbed the mountain clad in thick verdure to see the forest of grafted pine-nut trees created by the station. Seeing the forest of grafted pine-nut trees covering the mountain range and pine-nut clusters on each twig of trees, he said that this is, indeed, spectacular scenery. He heard a story about the efforts made by the workers to tend the forest. Saying that such work can yield fruits only ten years or dozens of years later, he stressed that this can be done only by a true patriot who devotes himself to the prosperity of the country and the happiness of the generations to come.

He highly appreciated the noble patriotic spirit displayed by Choe Ki Jong, former head of the Forest Management Station, who made his life rewarding along with the forest for years and other officials and workers of the station. The experience gained by the Riwon County Forest Management Station has proved in practice the truth and tremendous vitality of the great juche [juche] idea that calls for transforming man, society and nature as required by juche [juche], he said, stressing that there is nothing impossible in this world when the creative ingenuity of people is given fullest play.

We can turn all the mountains of the country into thick woodlands in a brief span of time if we make tenacious efforts to change the appearance of the mountains and rivers of the country just as the Riwon County Forest Management Station did, he said, setting forth on the spot tasks to be fulfilled to create forests.

He noted that in order to turn the whole country into a thick woodland and greenery it is necessary to plant many trees and pay deep attention to protecting and managing forests. He stressed the need for the scientific research institutions to obtain saplings of good species which are of economic value and suited the climatic and soil conditions of the country and actively push forward the research work to widely disseminate them.

He called on the whole party and army and all the people to turn out as one to wage a dynamic drive to create forests in order to convey the land which has been covered with thick forests and which has turned into "mountains of gold and treasures" down to posterity. He was accompanied by Kim Ki-nam [Kim Ki Nam], secretary of the KWP Central Committee.

Originally published by KCNA, Pyongyang, in English 1732 8 Aug 08.

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