August 9, 2008

Mapua Clean-Up

Sir, What about an apology to the residents who had to put up with the Fruitgrowers Chemical Company factory in the first place, or are they being forgotten?

Are the authorities going to trace the families who had children walk past the factory and lived with the constant air pollution for a lot longer than three years and suffered various symptoms, and offer medical profiling and help?

The well at 26 Tahi St was contaminated 20 years ago along with others, but the Tasman District Council did not shut them down, as recommended at the time by the Woodward Clyde report. The council officer at the time said the water was safe to drink.

What is going to happen now about the leaching into the estuary from the old hormone plant and the other Tahi St dump site? Containment isn't working. Are they going to be sidelined by the hype from this report?

Deborah Mills stated that the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment would look into the dump sites as part of the overall picture. Has this been done? The report shows the pitfalls of having a unitary authority with conflict of interest in the resource consent process.


Mapua, August 2.

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Jan Wright, declined to comment. - Editor.

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