August 13, 2008

Subaru Selects Wynn’s PowerFlush III Coolant Exchange Machine

Wynn's, a manufacturer and marketer of automotive and industrial chemical products, has announced that its PowerFlush III coolant exchange machine has been selected by Subaru of America and Subaru Canada, as the exclusive apparatus for coolant exchange services performed at their dealerships.

The PowerFlush III was chosen for its unique clean-water flush capability that removes nearly all of the spent fluid from the cooling system and heater core. The machine uses three separate tanks with one filled with fresh water for flushing, a second to contain the old removed liquids, and a third filled with new coolant.

Wynn's said that PowerFlush III has been selected over conventional chemical coolant removal methods because it provides a complete coolant exchange without the use of chemicals that could potentially harm the cooling system.

Arnold Gacita, director of North America sales and marketing at Wynn's, said: "Working closely with Subaru engineers, we were able to demonstrate the ability of PowerFlush III to meet their critical cooling exchange requirements. Subaru was concerned with other services that use flushing chemicals and fail to completely purge the entire system, especially the heater core."