August 13, 2008

Class Lawsuit Filed Over Toronto Gas Blast

A class action lawsuit was initiated Wednesday in Toronto following a devastating weekend explosion of a propane storage depot.

In a news release, two law firms named two men who live near the Sunrise Propane Energy Group site in the northwest of the city as the plaintiffs and encouraged other residents to join the suit online.

Just before 4 a.m. Sunday, a fire at the Sunrise plant triggered massive explosions that were seen and felt miles away. One senior firefighter died of a heart attack at the scene and a burned body was found at the scene Monday but hadn't been identified Wednesday.

Some 12,000 people in a 1-mile radius were evacuated and several houses and buildings have been deemed unsafe as a result of the concussive blast and heat damage. Hundreds of other buildings sustained blown-out windows and shrapnel damage.

The lawsuit seeks as-yet unspecified damages from Sunrise, the city of Toronto for allowing the facility to open several years ago in a residential area, the province of Ontario, and the Technical Standards and Safety Authority.