August 17, 2008

Dry Spell This Year Expected to Rival Record 2007 Drought


By John Fuquay

The Fayetteville Observer


It may not be as apparent as last year, but water management officials are predicting a dry spell in coming weeks that could rival last year's record drought.

Tropical storms have helped make July and August cooler and wetter than last year, but reservoirs, rivers, streams and groundwater tables began the year lower than normal. With the typically dry fall months still ahead, experts say another water shortage is likely.

And while the Piedmont and Cape Fear areas, including Fayetteville, have fared well so far, counties in western North Carolina are still in an exceptional drought.

"Many places in the west are lower than last year at this time," said Curtis Weaver, a water manager for the U.S. Geological Survey. "We just can't seem to shake this drought."

Originally published by BY JOHN FUQUAY.

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