August 17, 2008

Iran Southern Province Gives Nomads Drought Relief

The southern Iranian province of Khuzestan has allocated fifty mobile and stationary tankers to satisfy the water requirement of nomadic communities in the town Shustar. The Fars news agency quotes the head of the Shustar department of nomadic affairs, Mohammad Ali Yusefi, as saying that the action was taken in response to numerous problems that nomads in the area had in meeting their requirements for potable water.

This is part of a comprehensive drought assistance package that includes provisions of livestock feed. Fars quotes Yusefi as saying, "Due to challenges created by drought, the policy this year is not provide subsidised grass to nomads, rather we are providing alternatives like bran and pollard. If they are well received, we will provide additional incentives."

Originally published by Fars News Agency website, Tehran, in Persian 0735 15 Aug 08.

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