August 17, 2008

Champagne Corks Pop ; Champagne Corks Popped As Students Across Cornwall Celebrated Their A-Level Success.

By Petra Mann

Champagne corks popped as students across Cornwall celebrated their A-level success.

Nearly a third of Truro School's Upper Sixth Form achieved the top grade in every one of their exams this year.

There were 36 students - 18 girls and 18 boys - out of 121 candidates, who opened their envelopes to find a row of three or more A grades.

The figure is an improvement on last year's figures when 22 pupils hit the straight A mark.

The results included 75 per cent of youngsters who gained a mixture of A and B grades.

This year's overall pass-rate was 99 per cent which has been the average pass-rate for the past ten years.

The proportion of passes at grades A and B was 75 per cent and at A to C, 91 per cent.

Bex Yearworth from Truro, who turned 18 yesterday, passed biology with a B, history with a C and philosophy and ethics with a C.

She has been accepted at RADA to study stage management and technical theatre and earlier this summer took part in China's Olympic cultural celebrations.

Bex, a member of the National Youth Theatre, was wardrobe mistress for a production of Shakespeare Merchant of Venice involving 25 British actors and 10 Chinese.

She said: "The atmosphere in Beijing was incredible - really exciting. We did two productions at China's huge NCPO venue. The language barrier was a bit of a problem but we had interpreters to help us out."

Matthew Angilley, 17, from Truro, got straight A's in biology, chemistry and maths and is off to Cardiff University to study medicine. He said: "After two years of work it's a relief to finally get these results. It will be sad to leave. I've enjoyed myself here."

Emily Barlow, 18, from near Padstow came away with straight As in maths, physics and chemistry. A place at Oxford awaits to study chemistry. She said: "I'm delighted with my results. The past two years have been all worth it and I'm excited about Oxford."

Katie Knowles, 18, from Truro will read Law at Birmingham University after passing Biology with an A grade, English literature A and history with a B. A talented runner in the 3,000 and 1,500 metres, Katie trains under Dame Kelly Holmes's mentoring scheme and has her eye on the London Olympics.

She said: "I'd love to reach the Olympics. It would be great to represent my country. I think Britain is doing really well in the Games at the moment."

And when Oliver Gould, 18, from Grampound, opened up his envelope there were four grade As in chemistry, biology, English and maths waiting for him.

Instead of university, Oliver is off to Malawi, Africa to teach English with a charity.

Paul Smith, headmaster, said: "Yet another year of outstanding A- level results for Truro School students. The results are a credit to the boys and girls, their parents and teachers."

Meanwhile students and staff

at Cornwall College, St Austell were enjoying the moment with a 100 per cent pass rate in 30 subjects for the second year in a row.

The overall pass rate of 98 per cent was above the national average of 97.2 per cent. In English language and film studies there was a 94 per cent pass rate at grades A-C, and in business studies a 93 per cent pass rate at grades A-C.

Tom Cotton, 18, from St Austell, formerly a pupil at Penrice School, got A grades in maths, further maths and physics. He also achieve AS levels chemistry at grade A with history grade B.

Tom will study maths at London's Imperial College. He said: "I'm really happy with my results. I enjoyed all my A-level subjects."

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