August 19, 2008

Tofurky Tuesdays Receives 865 Consumer Pledges to Eat Meat-Free Once a Week

Six weeks ago, the makers of the Tofurky(R) brand meat alternatives, and The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) teamed up on a new project called "Tofurky Tuesdays." The campaign asks consumers to pledge to eat meat-free once a week, offering a fun and practical way for participants to reduce their impact on global warming, try vegetarian foods and reduce the amount of meat they eat on a weekly basis.

To offer a visual illustration of the amount of energy saved by not eating meat one day a week, Turtle Island Foods introduced the "Tofurkymobile", an imaginary vehicle that can be seen at For each individual who registers for Tofurky Tuesdays, the Tofurkymobile moves 16.5 miles on a virtual road trip around the continental United States. Since starting out in Hood River, Oregon on July 9, 2008, Turtle Island Foods has received 865 pledges, which moved the Tofurkymobile 14,272 miles, through 37 states, landing in New York City, NY on Friday August 15. The Tofurkymobile will stay in Manhattan until this Wednesday, August 20th.

Turtle Island Foods calculated that the amount of greenhouse gas emissions reduced by going meatless just one day a week is equal to the amount released when you drive a car that averages 20 mpg 16.5 miles.

"Originally we were thinking it would take four months for the Tofurkymobile to get to the East Coast," said Seth Tibbott, CEO of Turtle Island Foods. "The response to Tofurky Tuesdays has exceeded our expectations, and we're thrilled that when presented a feasible means of eating less meat and helping the environment, consumers really do embrace the opportunity."

Now that the Tofurkymobile has made its way around the country at such a blazing pace, Turtle Island plans to take this virtual road trip around the world, hoping to return to New York City in time for Thanksgiving.

Please visit for more information on the campaign and how to participate.

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