August 20, 2008

New Products

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Stainless Pumps Binks offers new stainless steel Exel pumps, which are designed for high-flow circulation systems requiring moderate pressure with maximum durability and dependability. The pumps work with waterborne and solvent-based fluids, catalyzed coatings, high-solids coatings, abrasive materials, and moisture- sensitive materials, and are said to be ideal for highly filled, abrasive thixotropic and shear-sensitive materials. Available in three 4:5.1 all-stainless models, units can deliver up to 6.85 gpm at 60 cycles/min and feature a maximum inlet pressure of 100 psi and maximum working pressure of 450 psi. Pumps are said to deliver significantly more fluid than other horizontally opposed piston pumps at approximately the same rate of air consumption. Other features include self-priming pistons and smooth internal passages with straight-through flow patterns and available hard chrome- plated stainless steel or ceramic-coated pistons with pressure loaded wiper seals.

For more information from Binks call 630-237-5000 or go to pfonline. com/products.

Expanded Ball Valve Line

Plast-O-Matic Valves Inc. has expanded its line of thermoplastic ball valves to include new, larger pipe sizes. Designed for 3- and 4- inch diameter piping, the rugged, true-union valves are available in PVC, CPVC, PVDF and polypropylene materials. Standard seal materials are EPDM or Won, and the valves have PTFE seats. Piping connections are offered for socket or threaded installation, and actuation packages are available. The new sizes complement the company's line of 1/2- through 2-inch diameter valves.

For more information from Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc. call 973- 256-3000 or go to

Aqueous Parts Washer

The solvent-free PH822-A parts washer is made from recycled plastic and has a redesigned electrical control interface to provide a more complete machine status to the operator. The stable, four- legged unit has a large sink and stainless steel work shelf that can be removed to expose a 10 inch deep soak area. Standard features include a flow-through work brush, flexible nozzle, adjustable thermostat, 300-gph pump, GFCI protection and triple-action filtration.

For more information from Graymills call 800-472-9645 or go to

Paint Pumps

20:15F Flowmax pumps can handle waterborne and solvent-based paints with viscosity from 500 to 1,000 cPs. Designed with the company's leak-free Flowmax fluid section, the pumps feature a 100% stainless steel design with Superlife bellows. The design also provides total sealing with no external contact, high efficiency and fast, easy startup.

Pumps are said to be well-suited for Airmix and manual electrostatic paint applications.

For more information from Exel Industrial call 800-573-5554 or go to products.

Direct-Pressure Abrasive Blasting

The Model 10/P cabinet blast system with direct-pressure media delivery and a high-performance media reclaimer is said to increase productivity in blast cleaning and surface preparation applications that require an expanded finishing enclosure, With interior dimensions of 60 x 60 x 60 inches, the unit accommodates large components or bulky fabrications that might otherwise have to be processed in a walk-in blast room. The cabinet has two sets of armholes and is typically supplied with a Lazy Susan turntable to facilitate improved access during blasting operations, Turntables up to 48 inches in diameter are available with a weight capacity from 500-2,000 Ib, and a power-jogging table with motorized rotation is also offered. The standard pressure vessel holds 1.5 ft^sup 2^ of shot or grit, and the unit is normally configured to automatically recharge the vessel whenever the operator's foot is momentarily removed from the actuator pedal. A cyclone reclaimer separates dust and fines from the recirculated blast media.

For more information from Guyson Corp., call 800-633-6677 or go to

Micro-Abrasive Blast System

Comco lnc, has introduced its new AccuFlo micro-abrasive blaster for fast, accurate debarring of small parts, removal of conformai coatings and texturing of surfaces. The system is the first abrasive blaster equipped with patented Simoom technology-an innovative air/ abrasive mixing system said to improve flow consistency and provide tighter control over the volume of powder flowing through the machine. The company says this gives the unit flexibility in a wider range of applications and increased powder flow for faster processing times. Other features include an economically designed handpiece with fewer wear points for longer life, a large media tank with a clear top for easy checking of abrasive level, LCD counters to keep track of blast cycles and hours in use and an open design with color-coded air lines and connectors.

For more information from Comco Inc. call 800-796-6626 or go to

Auto Refinish Additives

BASF has developed two new additives said to further improve the application flexibility of its Onyx HD line of waterborne automotive refinish paints. Used at high temperatures and lower humidity, the additives-Hydrobase Slow (HB004) and Hydromix Slow (HB040)-help to control the drying process and positively impact final finish quality. The company says the additives are well-suited to applications on larger surfaces, such as light commercial vehicles, or during re-sprays, where slower drying helps the painter maintain a wet edge.

For more information from BASF Corporation call 248-948-2088 or go to

RTO Media

Koch Knight LLC has introduced Flexilith HA ceramic structured media for regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs). Said to provide greater thermal efficiency than competitive monoliths, the media can handle spray coating and wastewater pollution control applications. It is said to be ideal for waste streams with either fine partculate matter or dean stream applications.

For more information from Koch Knight LLC, phone 330-488-1651 or go to

Full-Cone Spray Nozzles

BEX has expanded its full-cone spray nozzle family to include a new 15[degrees] model with a narrow spray pattern and larger droplet size said to provide more impact per unit area than wider full-cone sprays. Twenty different models are available with flow capacities ranging from 0.35 gpm at 15 psi to 685 gpm at 300 psi. Pipe sizes vary from 1/8 to 3 inches, with both male and female connections. Custom designs also are possible depending on customer requirements. Nozzles are available in brass, Type 303 and 316 stainless steel, Teflon and other plastics.

For more information from BEX, Inc. call 734-464-8282 or go to

High-Speed Painting Robot

The EPX2050 robot from Motoman is said to provide versatility and superior performance in standard industrial, automotive and aerospace coating and dispensing applications. The six-axis unit can paint contoured parts such as vehicle body panels and plastic components, agricultural equipment and aerospace parts. It features a Factory Mutual (FM) Class 1, Div. 1 intrinsically safe (explosion- proof) rating for use in hazardous environments, can handle a 15-kg (33-Ib) payload, and has a 2-m (80.9-inch) reach with +-0.5 mm (+- 0.02 inch) repeatability. The compact, flexible robot can be floor- , wall- or ceiling-mounted to provide layout flexibility and is available with a hollow wrist that facilitates mounting of spray equipment and avoids interference between hoses and parts/fixtures.

For more information from Motoman Inc. call 937-847-6200 or go to

High-Temp Masking

Designed to mask fittings during high-temperature finishing processes such as powder coating, e-coating and more, HJS series tear-off masking caps are part of the company's Flex500PLUS line of products designed to withstand temperatures up to and beyond 500[degrees]F. The caps are said to be economically friendly with a soft, flexible feel and a pull-tab with spedal finger grips. The flexibility of the material makes installation of the cap quick and easy, and the units maintain flexibility after processing to ensure easy tear-off. It will not bake on during curing, giving users the choice of removing it after processing or leaving it on as shipping protection and allowing the end-user to remove it.

For more information from Caplugs call 716-876-9855 or go to

UV Curing System

The new, low-power Nordson CoolWave 2 410 UV curing system provides up to 420 W/inch of curing power and uses dichroic-coated, temperature-stable glass reflectors for cooler operation. Nordson says the unit does not reflect heat-generating infrared light waves back to the substrate, and bulbs provide more than twice the service life of electrode bulbs and are guaranteed for up to 3,000 hr of operation. No internal gasketing virtually eliminates the possibility of arcing, and the system is said to provide faster identification of system faults. Flexibility results from a range of precisely focused and flood reflector geometries for different manufacturing applications including automotive, electronics, building products, life science/medical device, wire and cable, optical media (CDs and DVDs), and pipe and tube.

For more information from Nordson Corp. call 440-988-9411 or go to

Overspray Collection Media

Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) overspray collection media combining baffle/strainer-type construction consists of layers of slit and expanded kraft with a final layer of synthetic polyester backing to maximize efficiency and strength. Layers are arranged in a graduated density pattern to redirect and cause the particulate- laden airflow to become turbulent, resulting in maximum contact between overspray and the baffles within the collectors. This collector design is said to be ideal for extending filter service life and ensuring highest particulate removal efficiency when using CARC coatings. For more information from Columbus Industries, Inc. call 740-983-2552 or go to

Waterborne 2K Polyurethane

Excalibur has launched Aqua-Thane, a patent-pending, waterborne 2K acrylic polyurethane said to be environmentally friendly, low- VOC (less than 50 g/L) and HAP-free. According to the developers, the material meets or exceeds the performance properties of high- performance solvent-based systems without the associated health and safety hazards. Wet film build of 4-8 mils is easily achieved without foaming, gassing or flow problems, and the product is said to exhibit exceptional depth of image and resistance to abrasion, solvents and chemicals while maintaining hardness and flexibility. Adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces including steel, aluminum, galvanized metals, stainless steels, PVC and fiberglass composites, is said to be very good, and no abrasive blasting is required prior to application on ferrous or nonferrous metal substrates.

For more information from Excalibur Paint & Coatings, phone 940- 767-9912 or go to

Ultrasonic Film Thickness

New from Defelsko is the PosiTector 200, said to be easy to use and affordable while conforming to ASTM D 6132, ISO 2808 and the SSPC PA-9 standard for dry ultrasonic film thickness measurement. The unit is available with either standard or advanced features and a choice of two measuring ranges. New features include extended- range probes, a large, impact-resistant Lexan display, IP5X ingress protection and a protective rubber holster. Similar to the widely used PA 2 standard, SSPC PA 9 addresses a popular new method of ultrasonic coating thickness measurement on concrete. It describes procedures for calibration, adjustment and general use of instruments such as the PosiTector 200 as well as the correct method for taking measurements.

For more information from Defelsko Corp., phone 315-393-4450 or go to

Tote-Mounted Mixers

Neptune's new series HGL430-rpm mixers allow easy integration with standard intermediate bulk-containers (IBCs) or poly tote bins using an optional 2-inch Type 316 stainless steel bulkhead fitting. Mixers feature a short shaft and a folding propeller constructed of Type 316 stainless and capable of fitting through a 2-inch opening; the prop's operating diameter is 9 inches. A second folding propeller can be added as an accessory and bolted anywhere on the %- inch diameter shaft. Available motors include 1/3- to 1-hp TEFC electric motors or VT to 1-hp air motors. Explosion-proof motors are also available.

For more information from Neptune Chemical Pump Co., Inc call 215- 699-8701 or go to

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