August 21, 2008

JAMES Barry Often Writes Complete ; Straight to the Point.

By Steve Denton

JAMES Barry often writes complete rubbish but his attack on John Marchant and Genesis (Echo, August 15) really takes the biscuit.

Where did you get these scientific "facts" from Mr Barry, the Beano?

Darwin's theory of evolution is exactly that, a theory. It is unproven and probably unprovable.

The discovery of DNA has proved that the most complex forms of life existed in the original species.

DNA can only lose information as it is passed from one generation to the next.

As for the account of creation in Genesis, the majority of scientists agree that it is scientifically perfect.

Genesis is the only book I have read which explains why such a beautiful creation is inhabited by such a selfabsorbed, destructive creature called man.

Steve Denton Landwade CloseFairwater, Cardiff

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