August 22, 2008

Ice Rink Would Give RB an Edge

Today we publish reader responses to our Question of the Week: "The city of Redondo Beach has given preliminary approval to the idea of creating an outdoor ice skating rink at Seaside Lagoon this winter. Do you think this would liven up the harbor area?"

An outdoor ice-skating rink at the Seaside Lagoon this winter would most certainly liven up the harbor area. It would offer local residents a new and unique experience.

Redondo Beach once claimed fame for the largest indoor salt- water pool in the world. Perhaps we can have a new claim to fame as the only beach town with ocean-view ice skating. I vote yes!


Redondo Beach

I don't know if it would help the Harbor Area, but I think it would be a great idea. Ice skating is so much fun. I'm from Michigan and I used to ice skate with my sisters and brothers and it's a lot of fun and good exercise so I think it would be a very good idea.



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