August 22, 2008

Chemical Fight Lauded

Sir, I wish to publicly say thank you to the Nelson Mail for the continued coverage of the methyl bromide issue. Finally, we see some constructive action to mitigate the effects of this deadly chemical. This action is long overdue, and has been forced on a reluctant fumigation industry. It's come after years of effort, by the families of those men who died after working at the port, by the Citizens Against Toxic Spray, the people of Nelson, and by the courage of the media.

The Nelson Mail is to be congratulated for not bowing to the pressure of big business, and for steadfastly reporting the issue with clarity and fairness. It's truly been a David and Goliath saga, and one that will prove pivotal to future decisions on chemical usage in New Zealand. I'm sure there are many others who've been involved in ensuring that there are provisions to contain and monitor the use of this, and other, toxic chemicals. They remain unsung heroes. To you all . . . a heartfelt thank you.


Golden Bay, August 19.

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