August 24, 2008

Mystery Solved!

Your recent story about the body of a sea creature in St Mary's Bay is confusing.

Two types of sea lion occur in the northern hemisphere: the Californian (the one that got used in so-called circus seal acts) and the Steller's sea lion.

Both live in the Pacific so it is difficult to comprehend how one could have naturally found its way here.

We have two types of seal in our waters - the common and the grey.

Three-quarters of the world's population of grey seals occur around Britain.

An adult male can grow to a length of 9.5ft and weight over 600lb. The females at about 7ft and up to 550lb weight. They come to land to die.

This is one, pictured right, I photographed earlier. The identity of the body on the beach is almost certainly revealed. Miss Marple need not be called!


All Hallows Road


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