August 24, 2008

Game Angling

By Mark Armstrong

Derwent Reservoir (Tel: 01207 255250): A great week in which five fish over 7Ibs were caught. All of these trout were landed from the South shore on power-bait and worm cocktails.

Fish of the week weighed in at 10Ib 4ozs landed by G Smith, with Mr Richardson netting three trout weighing 7Ib, 4Ib & 3Ib.

Sharpley Springs/Waters (Tel: 0191 5818045): Steady action this last week with natural patterns the order of the day. Top patterns have included "F" Flies, Sedge, Daddies, Hoppers, Foam Beetles, Black Gnat and Damsels. The Tom Morrison Memorial Competition was won by Bill Day with nine trout. Young Mathew Holroyd managed a very creditable fifth place.

West House Trout Lakes (Tel: 07836 330157): The heavy rain continues to affect the sport. The best fishing is happening sub- surface with lures. Some of the most productive have included Cats Whisker, Fritz in Black, Orange or White and Montana's. As soon as the weather settles and the lakes clear a little expect trout to be straight back on the naturals such as Emergers, Shipman's, GRHE, Buzzers and Bloodworm.

Chatton Trout Fishery (Tel: 0688 215226): One of the best week's sport for a while with lots of fish landed. Kris Brotherton from Ashington kept five trout and returned two, James Gardiner from Amble kept five fish and returned four, and Rolly Dickinson from Linton kept four fish and returned eight.

Sleekburn Water (Tel: 07956 387704): Just a reminder that this fishery is closed until the beginning of September so maintenance work and weeding can be done. I'll keep you up to date on the progress over the coming weeks.

Jubilee Lakes (Tel: 01388 772611): The cooler conditions have seen sport get a little better but all of the heavy rain has not helped.

That said, anglers have caught well on patterns such as Buzzers, Bloodworm and Emergers. Fritz lures pulled slow and deep have also landed one or two of the bigger trout.

Witton Castle Lakes (Tel: 01388 488691): Tor rential rain this week has not made it pleasant for the angler with foot-fall down for the time of year. The lakes are also a little coloured but the trout don't seen to mind and the anglers who have braved the conditions have caught well.

Langley Dam (Tel: 01434 688846): Fish of the week weighed in at 9Ibs caught and returned by R Robson.

The best three-fish bag, 12Ibs, was caught by B Blake. Top patterns included Damsels, Diawl Bach, Montana's, Black Buzzer and Bloodworm.

Aldin Grange Lakes (Tel: 0191 3846090): Despite the weather sport has been good with some impressive catches recorded. Top patterns over the week have included Black Spiders, Black Gnat, Black Hoppers, Daddies and Sedge all fished on a floating line. If you need to go sub-surface, try an intermediate fished with Damsels, Diawl Bach, PTN, GRHE and Cormorants.

Knitsley Mill Trout Lakes (Tel: 01207 581642): The rain has certainly not spoilt play at this fishery with some tremendous catches recorded.

C Noulner landed 12 trout, the best weighing 7Ib 8ozs, Dan Sefton caught 16 fish, best 7Ibs, G Tilley netted 15 trout, best 5Ib 8ozs and G Trinelly netted a fin perfect 7Ib 8oz rainbow.

Sweethope Loughs (Tel: 01830 540349): A steady week's action with lots of top quality trout landed, B Palmer and D Blythe from Norham landed 20 fish between them on GRHE, N Straughan from Durham took a three-fish bag for 10Ib 5ozs, all taken on Katie's, while K Glenton from Ashington returned 10 fish.

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