August 26, 2008

Florida Makes Sweet Deal for Everglades

By Anonymous

Florida Gov. Charlie Grist announced recently plans to purchase property owned by a sugar mill that could result in the restoration of the Everglades-the largest ecological restoration in U.S. history, according to some environmental groups. The state would pay U.S. Sugar $1.7 billion for 187,000 acres of land so that it can return to its natural state. Water flow would be restored between Lake Okeechobee and Florida Bay. This lifeline of the Everglades has been damaged by farming in the area, including that of sugarcane.

The state will hash out final details through September. The proposed deal allows U.S. Sugar to continue its operation for an additional six years before the land is turned over to the government.

Florida will purchase a sugar mill to return 187,000 acres of the Everglades to its natural state.

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