August 26, 2008

Once Things Clear Up, Fish Will Be Plentiful

By Capt. Jim Johnson

Nassau County anglers will have to contend this weekend with high seas, super high tides and extreme muddy water due to the after- effects of Tropical Storm Fay. Hopefully, you or your boat did not experience any wind damage due to Fay.

For the offshore anglers, once the seas calm and the water clarity clears, you can expect excellent fishing. The water temperature should be back to normal for this time of year and the bait should return after a few days to enhance our bottom and live bait trolling.

The surf fishermen will have to wait for surf to lie down a bit to fish. Once this takes place, the whiting, trout and small sharks will be plentiful and hungry. This weather also affects their feeding habits. Once again due to the high seas, the water temperature should return to normal and the dreaded thermacline should be gone.

The backwater and jetty anglers should give themselves a few days to let everything settle down and clean the water up. Once the conditions have cleared, fishing will be back to normal. By next weekend, you can expect excellent fishing offshore, inshore and along the surf. So enjoy yourself, clean up the yard and be careful.

Until next week ... Capt. Jim.Capt. Jim Johnson is owner of Amelia Island Bait and Tackle and Rappi Charters, on which he spends many days fishing around Amelia Island and offshore. To submit information about and photos of recent catches, stop by his shop at 1925 14th St., call 277-0775, or e-mail [email protected]

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