August 27, 2008

Iran Exports Chemicals Used in Military, Oil, Aerospace Industries

Text of report by Iranian state-run provincial TV from Esfahan on 26 August

A molybdenum production and rhenium recycling plant was formally opened in Sepahan Razi Factory simultaneous with Government Week [23- 29 August]. A sum of 7,500m rials [7.5m dollars] has been spent on the project.

It is the first time that a rhenium recycling plant opens in Iran. The rhenium recycling plant is capable of producing 700 kg of rhenium per year from each 1,000 t of sulphur used by the plant.

This is the second pure molybdenum oxide production plant in the country and its nominal capacity is 2,000 t per year.

The factory is built in an area 3,600 sq.m. in the Shahreza Industrial Estate and 95 per cent of its products are exported to Germany, Sweden and Ukraine.

Rhenium and molybdenum oxide are mostly used as catalyst in military, oil and aerospace industries.

[Video shows officials inspecting the plant and some chemicals on display]

Originally published by Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran Esfahan Provincial TV, Esfahan, in Persian 1615 26 Aug 08.

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