August 27, 2008

More Detail Wanted on Matakitaki Proposal

Sir, There is always going to be some environmental effect of any power generation system, be it a threat to the habitat for a primitive nematode or a recreation location for a whitewater kayaker.

What Andrew Scott (Mailbox, August 19) needs to tell us is where the hydro plant should go if not on the Matakitaki. Or does he want more dirty coal or imported gas-fired stations like the National Party? Or is he going to tell people they can't have their (electrically heated) spa pool, their towel rails, clothes dryers or their dishwashers?

Does he suggest that rather than people being able to have whatever amount of electricity they want, that they be allowed a per capita quota of electricity? And how do you balance the new recreational possibilities a new lake brings against the reduced whitewater recreation?

I think we need to see more detail about just where the dam might go and just what the effects on the river might be before rejecting it out of hand. I think we need (CO2 neutral) woodwaste thermal power generation in our region but also more hydro.


Maitai Valley, August 22.

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