August 30, 2008

Efforts to Recycle Bear Fruit in Malawi


HOUSEHOLDERS in Conwy who recycle aluminium cans and foil have helped environmental projects in Malawi.

Alupro (the Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation) is making sure an orange tree is grown to maturity for every tonne of aluminium drinks cans and foil recycled in the UK.

Conwy residents have recycled 128 tonnes of aluminium cans and foil in just 12 months. So they have 'given' 128 fruit trees to families in rural Malawi.

They are looked after on the shores of Lake Malawi, where they will be subject to trials for disease and drought resistance, and at the garden club nurseries.

Conwy environment spokesman Mike Priestley said: "We are delighted that after just one year, recyclers in Conwy have been responsible for giving 128 fruit trees to the project."

He urged residents to recycle to help build 'a sustainable future in Malawi'.

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