August 31, 2008

South Korea, Uruguay to Sign Fisheries Pact

Text of report in English by South Korean news agency Yonhap

[By Lee Joon-seung]

Seoul, Aug. 31 (Yonhap) - South Korea and Uruguay will agree on a fisheries pact that can help facilitate greater cooperation in the development of marine resources, the government said Sunday.

The deal, which is expected to be signed on Tuesday in Seoul during President Tabare Vazquez's visit, calls for greater exchanges of information and personnel related to the development of fisheries resources, the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries said.

It added that the two countries plan to share know-how on the artificial cultivation of fish, food processing and the distribution of seafood.

The ministry said the pact is significant because it will give South Korean fishing vessels better use of the key port of Monte Video, located on the South American country's eastern coast.

The port is used as a refueling centre for about 50 South Korean boats that fish near the Falkland Islands and the Antarctic Ocean.

"The pact can help boats get supplies, unload catches, refuel and stay in the port when they are not catching fish," said a government official.

"This can greatly facilitate South Korea's deep-sea fishing operations in the region," he added, pointing out that talks on this issue have been ongoing since 2002.

Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Chang Tae-pyong and Uruguay's Minister of Cattle, Agriculture and Fisheries Ernesto Agazzi are to sign the deal.

Originally published by Yonhap news agency, Seoul, in English 0223 31 Aug 08.

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