August 31, 2008

No Wolf Hunting Season Expected in Nevada

Wildlife officials in Nevada say despite the recent classification of gray wolves as "game" animals, there shouldn't be a hunting season for them.

Department of Wildlife specialist Kevin Lansford said while there have been reports of a growing wolf population in the state, a potential wolf hunting season likely won't come about as the federal Endangered Species Act currently protects all gray wolves, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Sunday.

Lansford said having wolves listed as game animals by the state Legislature's Subcommittee on Regulations was the department's attempt at creating a plan to control the wolf population.

"We needed to have some plan in place," Lansford told the Review-Journal. "Having it classified as a game animal gives us flexibility. All of this is a plan for the future."

By having the animal classified as a game animal such as deer yet not establishing an official hunting season for the predators, Lansford said wildlife officials hope to be able to protect them while still being legally able to manage their population should the need arise.