September 1, 2008

Ivory Homes Returns to SLC With Condo Project

By Olson, Debbi

After a short hiatus from building in the city. Ivory Homes is returning to Salt Lake City with a new condominium project to be located near Trolley Square.

Trolley Place Condominiums will be located at approximately 540 S. Denver St. and will be comprised of eight units in two three- story buildings.

"We're back in Salt Lake City," said Chris Gamvroulas, president of development for Ivory Homes. "We love Salt Lake City and had been there for a long time, but the ground that we had been developing we had built out. For about 10 years, half of all the single-family permits that had been issued in Salt Lake City proper were for our homes."

The last project was West Point, located on the city's west side between 900 North and 2000 North and between Redwood Road and I- 215, where Ivory built approximately 1,700 homes.

"Trolley Place is a fun little site. It's a small piece in Salt Lake City, very near Trolley Square, and we wanted to play off the proximity to a great community amenity, Trolley Square," Gamvroulas said. "It's only a block away from a TRAX stop, it's only a couple blocks away from Library Square and downtown, so it's within walking distance. We really liked the location"

The three-story units will range from 1,224 to 1,300 square feet and have two or three bedrooms. Each unit will have an attached two- car garage.

"The three story units will have the garage underneath and living space on two floors above it," Gamvroulas said. "It has very urban feel to it."

The style of the Trolley Place condominiums is a new product in the Ivory Homes catalog. The company used an architect from Scottsdale, Ariz. to come up with the designs.

"They are very fresh, totally different and new to the Ivory palette," Gamvroulas said. "It looks very urban from the outside, a lot of straight lines, a lot of articulation in the building. It has a flat roof, metal awnings and every unit will have a private deck off the second floor."

The two buildings will face each other with a drive aisle between them leading to the garages. The front doors will face out onto a common green area on either side.

Ground is expected to be broken later this month with the project expected to be complete by the end of the year. The units will be for sale, through price points have not been determined.

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