September 1, 2008

ND Mountain Lion Season Starts

North Dakota's fourth mountain lion season is under way.

The season runs through March 31, with two zones.

Zone 1 is in the southwestern part of the state, with a quota of eight mountain lions, or three more than during the last three seasons.

Zone 2 is the rest of the state, with no quota.

"We continue to develop a data set that tells us that, in fact, what a lot of people have suspected," said Randy Kreil, the chief of Game and Fish Department's wildlife division.

"We're able to confirm that, in fact, we have lions in this state that are increasing in numbers, which allows us to increase the opportunities to hunt those lions and be a little more liberal," Kreil said.

If the quota of eight mountain lions is met before March 31 in Zone 1, that season will end.

Only North Dakota residents may hunt mountain lions in the state, with a furbearer or combination license.

Last year's season ended in November in the western part of the state, after the quota of five cougars was met. One lion was killed in the rest of the state.

Kittens or adult female mountain lions accompanied by a kitten are off limits.

- Associated Press

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