September 2, 2008

Culling Only Carried Out As a Last Resort

By Amerjit Singh

WITH reference to your report "Gunned down by park rangers" (NST, Aug 14), I would like to make some clarifications based on input from the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Perhilitan).

Medan Damansara is part of the Mont Kiara area, which has been classified as a serious human-wildlife conflict area.

The population of long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis) in Mont Kiara has been estimated at 1,200.

The department received 23 complaints about long-tailed macaques last year and 11 complaints so far this year in the Medan Damansara area.

All complaints were acted upon by the department's rangers.

The macaques were captured and relocated to the Sungai Lalang and Hulu Langat Forest Reserves in Selangor.

Traps are usually used in the capture and relocation of long- tailed macaques.

Unfortunately, only 10 traps are available for use in the whole of the Federal Territory.

Culling is only carried out as a last resort.

The use of tranquillisers, as suggested in the report, is not suitable for catching macaq-ues.

The department uses this method only after the macaques have been captured and are to be relocated.

Anyone having human-wildlife conflict problems in their area can lodge a complaint at 03-90752872 ext 118 (in Kuala Lumpur) or through e-complaint at Perhilitan's website:

The contact numbers of the department's state offices and mobile phones of the state's directors can also be obtained by clicking on "complaint" on the homepage of the website.


Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Putrajaya

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