September 2, 2008

Vote for Manney

I am writing to ask the voters of Hillsborough County District 3 to consider voting for a change in the office of county commissioner.

A recent investigation by the state Department of Labor at the county nursing home uncovered over 1,000 labor law violations. An inspection by the Health and Safety Division resulted in the nursing home adopting a plan of safety for sewage backups which would no longer permit the biohazard to be pumped out a back door. Additionally, the employees involved with the cleanup of these backups would be provided with the proper safety equipment.

This situation should be of concern to us. It not only affects the employees but also the elderly, who reside at this facility.

The majority of the employees at the nursing home, until September 2007, had gone approximately four years without a contract and currently find themselves again struggling to get a new contract.

Pam Manney would be a breath of fresh air and new energy needed to have an effective and efficient county government.

The concern for her constituents that she has shown as a legislator in Concord would be reflected in her performance as county commissioner. I urge you to cast your vote for Pam Manney on Sept. 9.



Originally published by For the Monitor.

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