September 3, 2008

IBI Announces Investment in Glycerin Plant

SAO PAULO, Brazil, Sept. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Integrated Biodiesel Industries, Ltd (IBI) announced today an investment of US$ 300,000 as part of a larger US$ 1 million capitalization in a glycerin processing plant in Brazil. The plant is located in the city of Jau, 250 km west of Sao Paulo.

The plant is an existing shut-down chemical facility with many on-site equipments which is being upgraded by IBI to process glycerin, mainly as a byproduct of biodiesel production. IBI's plan is to add value to a commodity whose supply grows with increasing biodiesel production worldwide by further processing.

This plant will produce both distilled glycerin for cosmetics and paints and glycerin carbonate, a renewable solvent. Glycerin carbonate (or glycerol carbonate) is a chemical specialty with several uses as solvent for printing inks and cosmetics, ingredient in resin manufacturing and carrier for flavors and fragrances. It may replace traditionally harmful solvents which emit organic volatile compounds (VOC) or propylene-glycol in certain personal care formulations.

Daniel Goncalves, IBI's VP of Manufacturing, says, "We expect to be an active trader of glycerin in the international markets in addition to our biodiesel business. We will continue to develop our chemical portfolio, which already includes epoxidized soybean oil, a plasticizer for the PVC industry."

Based on a production of 20,000 metric tons per year, the glycerin plant is expected to generate revenues of US$ 22 million in 2009.

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