September 3, 2008

City’s ‘Trash Talk’ Ban Leads to Lawsuit

A Florida city commissioner has filed a civil rights suit over a motion he claims goes too far in muzzling discussion about trash collection.

Hallandale Beach City Commissioner Keith London contends the motion passed by the commission in regards to another lawsuit is so vague that commission members could be hauled in front of the Florida Commission on ethics for simply raising the subject of recycling and trash collection.

"I don't even know if just talking to you about my own lawsuit will be used to say I am violating the (motion)," London told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

The motion was passed due to settlement talks in a lawsuit between the city and a trash disposal company over alleged overcharging.

The Sun-Sentinel said Wednesday that London said he believes there are other reasons for the motion, particularly the alleged intent to stifle his disagreements with fellow commission members.