September 5, 2008

Keep Up Fight on Green Area

I Am tired of reading letters condemning Terry Robson and the other residents who are trying to protect the green area behind Christ Church from being built on.

John Gannon does not live in the area, he would not have to look out onto a block of flats or a car park in place of a green space had the plans been passed. What sort of outlook does he have from his home I wonder? Would he let this happen on his doorstep?

There is too much of this "infilling" going on regardless of the long term consequences to the environment.

Instead of selling off the land, which is what the church has been trying to do, John Gannon and his supporters should be putting their efforts into applying for funding from the Lottery etc to pay for work on the church. There is money to be had I am sure.

Well done Terry - don't let them grind you down, keep up the fight.


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