September 5, 2008

Iran Opposes Pipeline Through Caspian Sea, Cites Environment

Text of report by semi-official Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) website

Iran opposed the passing of a pipeline through the Caspian Sea. Iranian Students News Agency correspondent reports that Mahdi Safari - foreign ministry deputy - told reporters in Baku [Azerbaijan] that the Iranian side is opposed to the commissioning of a pipeline in the depths of the Caspian Sea. This is because it can damage the environment.

This diplomat reassured those present that Iranian and Russian soil can be used to transfer fuel.

After the convening of the 23rd working group meeting for the determination of the Caspian Sea legal regime in Baku, he remarked: When such facility exists why should we damage the environment?

According to Novosti of Azerbaijan, Safari has regarded the ratification of the Environment Convention of the Caspian Sea as being suitable.

Originally published by ISNA website, Tehran, in Persian 0622 5 Sep 08.

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