September 7, 2008

Catching Hard in Calm Water

Trout And ABOUT

CLEATHAM TROUT: Good fish to Daddies, Cul de Canard and other dry flies. The flat calm of Sunday made for hard-to-catch fish as presentation meant a cast which flew over the water before landing lightly.

THORPE VALE TROUT: Daddies, Hoppers, Cul de Canard, Black Shipmans and Williams Favourite have all accounted for good fish on both lakes. No 1 lake required fishing down wind along the bankside at times so as not to spook the fish. No 2 lake produced to the same flies on a long leader and allowed to drift in the wind.

TOFT NEWTON TROUT: Last week, 106 anglers caught 538 fish for a rod average of 5.08. Lots of good sport on dries. Hoppers, sedges, black & peacocks and CDC buzzer patterns all good. Plenty of fish around the blue buoy area. Drifting boats are best, fishing traditional teams of three patterns, loch style. Try a Grenadier or Bibio on the bob, a Dunkeld on the middle and a cruncher or PTN on the point.

Top catch goes to Trev Ward from Dinnington with 26 fish to the boat, fishing a variety of his own killing 'top of the water' patterns. These patterns are not those created by Scouse legend Peter Cowan as previously mentioned !!

Plenty of rainbows and browns around the 3Ib-plus mark, with the best fish weighing 4Ib 12oz to Lawson Bedford taken on a Bibio.

All rowing boats just a fiver throughout September. A limited number of Scierra IC3 7/8 reels on offer at Toft - reduced to pounds30.


SCUNTHORPE & DISTRICT AA, TIDAL TRENT, SOUTH CLIFTON, AUGUST 28. THURSDAY LEAGUE, ROUND 11: 1 Roly Moses, Brigg Britannia, P4, 16lb 9oz, roach on Bolo float, plus a 6lb 4oz barbel; 2 Terry Bontoft, Winterton WMAC, p36, 9lb 8oz, roach and perch on wagg and magg; 3 Dave Padley, p37 Brigg Britannia, 9lb 2oz, roach and perch on wagg and magg; 4 Geoff Winterbottom, Brigg Britannia, p6, 7lb 14oz; 5 Steve Manifield, Retford, p43, 7lb 5oz; 6 Dave Norwood, Winterton WMAC, p41, 6lb 10oz; 7 Wayne Easter, Brigg Britannia, p39, 6lb 7oz; 8 Les Smith, Lincoln, p10, 6lb 4oz; 9 Bob Pearson, Brigg Britannia, p5, 6lb 3oz; 10 Colin Williams, Brigg Britannia, p2, 5lb 14oz.

League leaders to date: 1 Wayne Easter, 78 points; 2 Roly Moses, 75 points; 3 Maurice Thacker, 66 points; 4 Dave Padley, 58 points.

SHERPA AC. AUGUST 30. KIRK BRAMWITH. PEGS 1 TO 15: 1 Bob Payne, 9lb 6oz; 2 Karl Allen, 8lb 8oz; 3 Bob Donner, 8lb 4oz; 4 Ray Gibson, 7lb 8oz; 5 Kev Brooks, 7lb 6oz; 6 John Birkett, 5lb 6oz. Quite a lot of boat traffic, which caused the fish to move around. Next match, at Scunthorpe AA's section of the Trent at Dunham Bridge. Draw 8.30am.

FOUR WAY FISHERY, GUNTHORPE. AUGUST 30: 1 Brian Clark, Epworth, 13lb 1oz; 2 Bob Fowler, Owston Ferry, 12lb 5oz; 3 Ian Walker, Misterton, 12lb 3oz.

WINTERTON WORKING MENS AC. AIRE AND CALDER CANAL. AUGUST 30: 1 Graham Bontoft, 13lb 3oz; 2 Dave Norwood, 8lb 14oz; 3 Tony Dukes, 8lb 12oz; 4 Keith Mumby, 7lb 12oz; 5 Richard Tuxford, 6lb 4oz.

CONOCO AC MATCHES. LINDHOLME OASIS LAKE: 1 K Garratt, p61, 49lb 9oz; 2 M Emmerson, p66, 31lb 4oz; 3 P Rudd, p59, 28lb 12oz; 4 W Easter, p53, 26lb 11oz; 5 D Sharpe, p17, 19lb 5oz; 6 T Goldby, p27, 17lb 8oz.

RIVER TRENT. FISKERTON: 1 S Scarrott, 6lb 10oz; 2 N Grindle, 5lb 10oz; 3 D Martin, 4lb 6oz; 4 J Cooper, 15.5oz; 5 K Bush, 14oz.


BONSAI OPEN. AUGUST 25: 1 Matt Pilley, Dynamite Baits, p52, 166lb 12oz, feeder; 2 John Kelly, Kiverton, p25, 159lb 12oz, maggots; 3 Steve Cooke, Garbolino, p35, 132lb 13oz, casters; 4 Gavin Hardy, Garbolino, p83, 114lb 12oz, pellets.

LAURELS OPEN. AUGUST 26: 1 John Holvey, R&R Tackle, p16, 129lb 14oz, paste; 2 Andy Hemingway, Garbolino, p38, 101lb 9oz, pellets; 3 Alex McCloud, Garbolino, p57, 97lb 7oz, casters.

LAURELS OPEN. AUGUST 27: 1 Arthur Turner, White Acres, p38, 98lb 12oz, pellets; 2 Alex McCloud, Garbolino, p55, 97lb 5oz, pellets; 3 John Holvey, R&R Tackle, p65, 89lb 5oz, paste.

BONSAI LAKE OPEN. AUGUST 28: 1 Matt Pilley, Dynamite Baits, p59, 136lb 10oz, pellets; 2 John Kelly, Kiverton, p28, 128lb 12oz, pellets; 3 Andy Whitehouse, Scunthorpe Tackle, p82, 121lb 11oz, pellets; 4 John Holvey, R&R Tackle, p17, 119lb 1oz, casters.

EVENING OPEN. AUGUST 29, FOUR HOURS: 1 John Kelly, Kiverton, p74, 137lb 13oz, pellets; 2 John Deakin, Middy Dons, p36, 128lb 15oz, pellets; 3 Paul Cannon, Mosella Baits, p59, 119lb 3oz, feeder.

OASIS OPEN. AUGUST 30: 1 Gary Jubb, Garbolino, p63, 114lb 4oz, maggots; 2 Darren Taylor, Garbolino, p58, 113lb 15oz, maggots; 3 Alex McCloud, Garbolino, p3, 102lb 2oz, pellets; 4 Derek Jackson, Garbolino, p8, 87lb 12oz, worm.

OASIS OPEN. AUGUST 31, 44 FISHED: 1 Darren Taylor, Garbolino, p67, 69lb 15oz, pellets; 2 Greg Norris, Garbolino, p2, 59lb 12oz, maggots; 3 Gary Jubb, Garbolino, p12, 51lb 9oz, maggots; 4 Andy Whitehouse, Scunthorpe Tackle, p32, 49lb 13oz, pellets.

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