September 10, 2008

Trawling the Depths

When it comes to wasting money and dumping food which could benefit thousands, if not millions, of ill-nourished children throughout the world, the EU has no equal.

Some of its rules and regulations are not just crackpot - they are downright immoral.

Take the case of the trawlerman Mick Mahon, who fishes from Newlyn in Cornwall. If he catches more fish than his quota, he has, under EU law, to throw the excess dead fish back into the sea to rot on the seabed.

Mr Mahon, like every other sensible person, regards this as madness. So he refuses to do it and is therefore branded a criminal. He gives away the excess fish to pensioners or sells it to tourists and gives the money to charity.

Throwing dead fish back into the sea is going to benefit nobody.

Years ago I asked an EU bureaucrat why the food mountains had to be destroyed when the food was urgently needed for starving people worldwide. His answer? "It isn't as simple as that."

Well, it jolly well should be.

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