September 10, 2008

California City Eyeing Styrofoam Ban

Officials in the city of Pacifica, Calif., say no Styrofoam containers should be used at area restaurants starting next year.

The Pacifica City Council voted 5-0 this week regarding a proposal for a ban on polystyrene containers and utensils starting in 2009 as part of environmental effort, the San Mateo County (Calif.) Times said Tuesday.

City Councilman Jim Vreeland said Monday's vote initiated a study of Styrofoam bans in nearby communities in order to find an alternative to the items that take centuries to decompose in landfills.

"We did ask staff to look at ways we can reduce the impact these products are having on the environment," Vreeland told the Times. "There's a wide range of alternatives and some of the costs of these alternatives are coming down."

The Times said the nearby city of Millbrae, Calif., banned Styrofoam and so-called clamshell containers on Jan. 1 as part of a growing California effort to eliminate the non-environmentally friendly goods.