September 10, 2008

The US Chemical Industry Is One Of The World’s Largest Producers By A Substantial Margin

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Specialty Chemicals Industry in the US" report to their offering.

A Specialty Chemical is a chemical produced for a specialized use. They are produced in lower volume than bulk chemicals, of which petrochemicals, made from oil feedstocks, are the most common. However, both are produced in a chemical plant. Some examples of specialty chemicals are adhesives, additives, antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors, cutting fluids, dyes, lubricants, pigments, etc.

The chemical industry world over always enjoys a love-hate relationship with communities. Driven by many objectives as well as balancing social concerns with profit and R&D investments, the industry often finds itself straddled with key questions bordering on growth and ensuring sustenance in collaboration with the community.

The US Chemical Industry is one of the world's largest producers by a substantial margin with a balance of trade surplus in excess of $15 billion. It is a major player contributing 21% in GDP to the US economy. This growth has led many theorists to conclude that the industry is a "harvester" rather than an "investor" for future growth. Meanwhile, the US Specialty Chemical market has experienced fluctuations in growth since 2003. This trend is further expected to continue towards 2012.

Aruvian Research's report Specialty Chemicals Industry in US researches the characteristics of the US Specialty Chemicals industry and the segments which, as a whole, make up this dynamic machinery of growth. The massive globalization strides taken by the industry is explained in the report with the requirement of heavy capital investment that brings in more competition.

The report delves deeper into the industry's dynamics like competition, market value, and market segmentation. The report also profiles some of the leading players in the industry who have earned the reputation and pride for the US Specialty Chemicals Industry globally and have placed the United States at the top of the pecking order.

 Key Topics Covered:  A. Executive Summary  B. Introduction to the Industry B.1 Industry Definition B.2 Market Profile B.3 Globalization in the Industry  C. Factors Influencing Competition in the Industry C.1 Infrastructure & Strengths of the Industry C.2 Demand & Supply Relationships Worldwide C.3 US Economic Scenario C.4 Global Economic Scenario C.5 Strong Foreign Investment & Protection of Intellectual Property C.6 Regulatory Policies C.7 Future Competitiveness of the Industry  D. Market Value & Industry Segmentation  E. Competition in the US Specialty Chemicals Industry  F. US Specialty Chemicals: Industry Future Perspective  G. Leading Industry Contributors G.1 E. I. duPont de Nemours & Company G.1.1 Corporate Profile G.1.2 Business Segment Analysis G.1.3 Financial Analysis G.1.4 SWOT Analysis G.2 The Dow Chemical Company G.2.1 Corporate Profile G.2.2 Business Segment Analysis G.2.3 Financial Analysis G.2.4 SWOT Analysis G.3 Hexion Specialty Chemicals G.3.1 Corporate Profile G.3.2 Business Segment Analysis G.3.3 Financial Analysis G.3.4 SWOT Analysis  H. Appendix  I. Glossary of Terms  Companies Mentioned:  E. I. duPont de Nemours & Company The Dow Chemical Company Hexion Specialty Chemicals 

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