September 11, 2008

Democratic Policies Costing Colorado Big Bucks

By Charles Newton

The sale of Roan Plateau natural gas leases on public land netted Colorado about $2,000 per acre. Nearby private land was leased for 20 times that amount. Why the difference?Public land is encumbered with almost impossible environmental red tape promoted by people like Democrats Bill Ritter and Mark Udall. Private land is not. (Note to Gov. Ritter: Don't ever complain about Colorado's state budget. Your party's policies just cost Colorado 900 million big ones.)No sane company is going to spend much money on drilling when they might not get through the red tape.Democrat Ken Salazar refuses to allow development of Colorado oil shale which has more energy than Saudi Arabia's oil fields. He wants to form a committee to talk about it. These are typical Democratic reactions to the energy crisis. Until we elect people who are serious about getting energy prices down now, we all will suffer. Pray for a warm winter.

Originally published by Charles Newton, Highlands Ranch.

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